ApexMaker X1 16 inch 3D Resin Printer Industrial High Speed 3D Printer 8K Monochrome Srceen pixel size 46um (Delivery in Dec)


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  • Slice Thickness: 0.01-0.3mm
  • Auto Leveling: YES
  • Language: English
  • Maximum Printing Speed: 180mm/h
  • Operating System: 7 inch touch screen
  • Bed Temp: Resin Vat Heating 45~60°C
  • Slice Software: Chitubox(pro),Lychee Slicer
  • File Format: .stl, .obj, .slc
  • Fliament: UV curable resin
  • Precision: 46um
  • Molding Technology: LCD
  • Voltage: 110-220V
  • Interface Type: USB
  • CE Certification: Yes
  • Brand Name: Apex Maker
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE
  • Brand: Apex Maker
  • Printer Dimensions: 548*440*862mm
  • Max Printing Speed: 180mm/h
  • Technology: UV LCD
  • Build Volume: 353.28*198.72*400mm
  • Lcd Screen: 16 Inch Monocheome Screen
  • Lcd Resolution: 8K(7680*4320)
  • Platform Calibration: Factory Pre-Calibrated
  • Net Weight/: 44.5kg
  • Gross Weight: 60kg
  • Pixel Size: 46um
  • Layer Thickness: 0.01-0.3mm
  • Light Source: 405nm
  • Release Film: High-Speed TSP Film
  • Resin Feeding: Automatic
  • Temperature Control: Resin Tank Heating
  • Slicing Software: Chitubox(Pro),Lychee Slicer
  • Operation: 7 Inch Touchscreen
  • Materials: Uv-Curable Resin
  • Total Power: 300w
  • Supported Filetypes: . Stl, .Obj, .Slc
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi,USB

Delivery time: 2023.12

From Now-on, Easily Use With Professional Printers!

16 inch 8K Monochrome LCD / 46*46 um/ Industrial 3D Resin Printer

Hi Resolution and Big Printing Size

Adopts a 16 inch monochrome LCD screen with are solution of 7680*4320,bringing sharper and delicate details presentation supported by a high contrast ratio of 450:1.

High Precision & Unmatched Accuracy

The 8K mono LCD boasts a remarkable 46μm resolution, surpassing most of the resin 3D printers available in the market, ensuring your printed models come to life with astonishing clarity and detail.

High Light Transmittance Anti scratch Film Protector

Comes with a high light transmittance anti-scratch film protector, effectively protecting the screen from wearing and scratches while ensuring printing accuracy.

Extra-Large Build Volume

353.28*198.72*400mm large construction build volume, allowing you to set your creativity free!

Stable Dual-linear Rail

The Stable Dual-linear Z-axis Rail and its highly wear-resistant POM anti-backlash nuts restrain the Z-axis’ stability to the micron level, effectively eliminating printing layers and ensuring all printing details.

Tech Specs

Think Bold , Print Big


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